Your photographer ....

I've spent years arriving at this destination you have landed on ... a place of beauty, of moments captured, of pride in the work I deliver to clients. I'm a lover of coffee, good books, sunshine, laughter. I'm a wife, a mom, a dog lover. I love the smell of bookstores. I come from a photographer mom and a builder dad. I'm an introverted extrovert who will talk your head off at your session and sit in silence for hours at home. I have worked hard at this craft to become the best I can be. I know how to pose you. I know how to minimize the things you dislike while maximizing what you love. I know how to deal with the two-year-old who is melting down so hard that you think there were no good photos. I know how to handle the stress of your wedding day and make things just ... better. I know how to do complex math with my camera but to also FEEL that moment that makes the photo right. I am your photographer ... the keeper of your most important moments. The one who realizes that my job is to shoot what you feel -- and then to make you FEEL something every time you look at them afterwards. Let's create something.

“"Sometimes I arrive just when God decides it's time to have someone click the shutter."”

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