Welcome Sweet Baby Girl!

We welcomed our first baby of 2021 into the studio last week and she was a DREAM to work with. Now, I will tell you, she did LOVE her a pacifier, but we were totally able to accommodate her wishes for that. And while it meant that sometimes Haley would pop it out while I would shoot, shoot, shoot, it worked out fine. I even grabbed a few with the pacifier in to capture this "oh so fleeting" time and love of her pacifier. And can we talk about her HAIR? Oh my goodness, so much hair and so beautiful!!

My personal favorite style of newborn photos is wrapped on the beanbag. There is just something simplistic and beautiful about them that really draws you into their faces. Add to that the fact that most babies love to be swaddled and calm down almost immediately upon swaddling and you'll see why we usually start with these. Cream, white and grey are also my favorite combinations for these as well because they are so neutral and large canvases of these will go in any home. I can just envision this baby girl's images in a collage collection hanging in her room OR a large one hanging over her changing table or crib. Look at that sweet FACE!!!!

Does anyone else think of the Nursery Rhyme "Wynken, Blynken and Nod" when they see the image below? I think the reason it's one of my favorites to create is that it was in a Nursery Rhyme book I used to read when I was a little girl. Here's one verse below.

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night

   Sailed off in a wooden shoe--

Sailed on a river of crystal light,

   Into a sea of dew.

"Where are you going, and what do you wish?"

   The old moon asked of the three.

"We have come to fish for the herring fish

That live in this beautiful sea;

Nets of silver and gold have we!"

                  Said Wynken,


                  And Nod.

~Eugene Field

One of the services I offer my newborns is the ability to not have to worry about clothing choices and props. I provide them! I have an array of cute clothes (and will probably be buying more soon!) for girls and boys like this little romper and hair tie from 3 Strands. Adalyn modeled it perfectly! She looks like a china doll here!!

Below are some of my favorites because it's rare that I get a baby awake AND calm at the same time so that I can capture beautiful images with their eyes open. Thank you Emily for bringing your sweet new little one in to have her photographs captured by us. We value the trust you place in us! I cannot wait to watch her grow. She is going to be beautiful just like her sisters.