Baby on the Way

Is there a better way to start a new year than with the announcement of a new baby on the way?

One of my favorite roles as a photographer is of the "Keeper of the Secrets". I've planned surprises and kept secrets when I'm just busting with excitement. This one was no different.

Alexis was one of my Class of 2017 seniors, and she works at my local chiropractor's office. She is beautiful y'all. Like, really beautiful. And quiet and kind. And I like her a bunch. So when she messaged to ask if I would do these photos, I hopped right on it because I could.not.wait.

And we set a date. And I changed it so she could have them before Christmas for her family. And then I did the most UNBELIEVABLY KOOKY THING. I forgot I moved the date and FORGOT THE SESSION. Yes. I did. When she texted me the address I was sitting in a Target parking lot on the phone with a friend and even commented, "She's really on the ball. Her session isn't until next Tuesday." Imagine my embarrasment when I read our texts and realized "I" had moved it up. Like mortified. I raced back from Hendersonville to Pleasant View, ran home to get the camera and battery and memory card. Got there with 30 minutes until dark and a PERFECT sunset .... and the battery died as soon as I put it in. By the time hubby ran home to grab a replacement, the perfect sunset was GONE and we had to reschedule.

Alexis and Austin were SO gracious. Like overly-kind. And I'm so thankful. Because it has been YEARS since this has happened to me. And I'd be happy if it never did again.

We rescheduled until after Christmas when it was warmer and was able to capture some stinking cute images for her to share for her public announcement. Like these.

I cannot wait to follow along with this couple and their new baby for all the fun things: gender reveal, maternity photos and newborn baby photos. I know this is going to be one loved, beautiful tiny human. I cannot wait.

A baby is such a nice way to start 2021 -- a new, fresh year.

Congratulations Alexis + Austin!