New Year's Day 2021

It was a hard year that 2020. This new "novel" virus, Corona, (the Vid as we jokingly call it at our house) struck hard and fast earlier in the year and has continued to affect the lives of many.

One such person was Mr. Parnell.

I met Mr. Parnell when my son was at Goodpasture. Mr. Parnell was the Athletic Director at the school. He has always had this gentle spirit, kind heart and quiet manner about him. A man of few words, he manages to impact all that meet him. And he has dedicated his life to educating children in some manner or another from teacher, principal, athletic director and many, many roles in between. I'd love to know how many lives this man affected during his tenure.

His life has affected so many at Goodpasture Christian that they are building a building and naming after him -- in his honor. I don't know about you, but I don't know of many folks who have a building named after them. But, honestly, he's the kind of man that a building should be named after. He's a hard worker. He doesn't need fame, just a job well done. His kind seems to be a dying breed some days.

He and his family came out to the studio this afternoon to grab some photos to display in his building. It was so good to see him. I had certainly been praying for him and all his family during his time in the hospital recently. But he is strong and I'm so glad that he's back home with the people he loves.

Thank you Parnell family for trusting me to do something so very important to your family. I miss the days we spent "running" the football program at Goodpasture -- (insert huge laugh here) -- and it was so good to catch up on what everyone is doing now.

Mr. Parnell. I'm so proud for you. If what they say is true, "What you do on New Year's Day you'll be doing all year", then I'm in a good place. I'll be photographing people I love. I'll be reminiscing good times with old friends. I'll be capturing images that matter to other people. I'll be doing worthy work.

Happy New Year, readers! May it be a blessed year for you and your family.