Happy 1st Birthday Oaklynn

The first year.

For new parents it's more than just a celebration of their baby's first year. It's a celebration for them as well. You've made it! A year of firsts. A year of learning. A year of trial and error and getting over the fears of becoming parents. You've hit the first milestones and made it through.

Oaklynn has been such a beautiful blessing to me this year. She was my last newborn in my home studio before I opened the place in Pleasant View. She has gotten to experience both the old and the new with me this year. We've grown together.

Prior to her six month session, we did family photos for Oaklynn's sweet family along with some photos of her alone. I loved how happy she was and how she ALWAYS stuck her tongue out.

Fast forward six months and we spent a beautiful sunset afternoon photographing her milestone session. She loved the lemon bath, the fruit bath and then rocked a sweet little smocked frock.

In between her six month and one year session we got to spend time together with some fall photos and also some hot cocoa photos. Every time, she was adorable!

Then just last week we finished her year up with her one year portraits and her cake smash. This little girl has grown and changed so much this year. I've watched her develop a personality and go from sitting to crawling to now beginning to walk. It's amazing to see all the changes that occur in one year.

The saddest part for me is that I won't see her as much any more. Know that I continue to follow along on social media and cheer on all her new successes! And when you are ready to share her with me again, I'll be here! Love you little Oaklynn! Thank you for sharing your first year with me!! Happy Birthday! And thank you Katelyn and Harlee for sharing your year with me as well!