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Emily | Newborn

Beautiful Emily's mom contacted me a few months back to schedule her newborn session and I was so excited because I love getting my baby "fix" every so often. I love getting to hold those sweet babies and even to pass along a few tips to new mamas who are often SO very tired and frazzled. I love watching moms, dads, grandmas and siblings as they gush over these new bundles of amazing miracles getting their photos taken. I love watching the cell phone photos being sent to others in the family -- because they are so proud of these little angels.

Emily was no different. She came to me at 8 days old. She is literally one of the most beautiful babies I've seen. She has great skin coloring, pouty lips and those beautiful pink cheeks. I could just eat her up!! And literally I did! We dressed her in multiple looks and tried to grab as many images as we could while she slept. And this sweet girl slept like a dream, only stopping to feed once during her session!!

Check out some of my favorites from this sweet girl's session!

Babies and bonnets. Makes my heart happy!!

I love the soft look of this lace on sweet Emily.

My favorite shot from every newborn session is when a baby yawns. I don't know what it is about this that makes my heart smile so much, but it does! Emily didn't disappoint!

While planning for her session, I message Emily's mom and asked if she would be ok with a woodsy, cotton floral look for her basket shot. She agreed and I ADORE how this turned out.

The last image we wanted to create was one for Emily's dad who is a pilot and wasn't able to be here for her session. Mom brought the helmet and the chinook and we managed to create a composite image (for safety of the baby, this is the only way I will create images like this one) of Emily in a pilot helmet like dad wears for work. I think it turned out super cute and I was so glad I was able to do something special for him!

These are a few of the images I used to create the composite above. Baby safety is my number one concern.

Newborn sessions are the hardest work I do. The sessions are long and physically demanding. However, they are often the most beautiful images I can create. What a blessing to get to capture these new first days of life. I just saw some images of Emily on Facebook from her two week doctor's appointment and she had already changed so much from her newborn session. It's amazing how fast these little ones grow and change!

Here are a few more "behind the scenes" look as we comforted sweet Emily and got her settled for her next set of images.

Thank you for choosing me to do your newborn images Michelle! I can't wait to watch this little one grow and change and blossom!!


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