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Evelynn ... One Year

Someone once said that one-year-old birthday parties were for the parents. It was a marker that they too had made it through that first year. They had survived the long hours with no sleep, the countless diaper changes, the crying, the feedings, the mountain of baby clothes and bottles that needed washing, the mastitis that can come from breastfeeding, packing everything they owned to leave the house. They survived.

I think one-year-old photo sessions are also a celebration of all those accomplishments on the part of moms and dads and also of the little ones. They learned and developed so much in that first year -- from being helpless babies who can't hold their heads up to walking little people who are curious about everything.

That said ... one year old sessions are some of THE hardest sessions I'll ever undertake. Because one-year-olds want to MOVE. They don't want to sit. The want to look ... at everything except a camera. They are curious, independent, mobile. And it's a hard combination. It's the session that wears the parents out the most. There is lots of redirection, picking up, moving, calling, bribing, cajoling, tempting. And yet ... they always turn out beautifully -- representing all that these children have become in that short year's time.

Evelynn was no exception. She was SO interested in sticks and leaves and grass and walking and flowers that she had no time to be looking, smiling, posing. And yet. We will managed to capture just who she is right now. And she is such a typical one year old! She has that independent spirit that makes her so much fun to watch.

We spent time at Rotary Park in Clarksville early in the morning (because it's cooler and babies seem to like mornings a lot!!) in the creek, on the paths and finally in a floral bath.

Mom, Kathryn, and dad, Josh, were both able to be present for this session and we even grabbed a few of them in the creek with Evelynn.

Here's one of my favorites of Evelynn in the creek, along with a behind the scenes look at the capture. These babies' safety is my utmost concern so you'll always find mom or dad (or both) a couple of steps away in all these images!

After creek time, Evelynn had a quick wardrobe change and we did her "official" one photos. Check out this cute pink tutu and the glittery one!! Note that determined concentration she has to keep her focus off of the camera too!! :)

And note to moms and dads, plan to get dirty during your little one's session. Even with an assistant, kids love those moms and dads and they end up getting wet, muddy, dirty and covered in baby stuff. :) But you are used that by this point huh? Check out this behind the scene look at mom, Kathryn, redirecting Evelynn!!

Posing ones is impossible, but gosh I WISH I had the ability to have them all old their hands in front of them -- isn't this adorable?? And look at those little bottom teeth -- so precious!!

Finally, Evelynn started to tire (this is pretty common with the young kids, so moms and dads just know that the first 15 minutes with a little is GOLDEN, after that we are trying to beat the ticking time clock to see how many we can do before they become so tired they melt down.

But I had a trick up my sleeve for Ms. Evelynn, a floral bath!! Mom said she loved baths so I just knew this was going to keep her entertained for just long enough for me to grab some cute images! My helper, Ellie, and Evelynn's dad, Josh, helped set up all the flowers but we should have known better because Evelynn wanted to play with them ALL!!! so in the water they all went. Here are a few more behind the scenes images from our session. I was so glad Josh brought a knife because it was the one thing I forgot.

But in the end, it was all worth it because this little charmer pulled out all the stops and gave us amazing images like the ones in the collage board below!

After a lot of splashing and fun, Evelynn started to tire, so we ended her session with a warm towel and comfy clothes. I'm sure she was out before she even made it home good!

When you get ready to celebrate your year, give me a call, shoot me an email. Let's plan something fun, amazing ... and exhausting!! ... for your little love bunch!


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