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Henry .... 6 Months

Henry is the most beautiful little boy! It has been six months since he has been before my lens and BOY! has he changed a lot. As is typical at the six month milestone session, he was sitting, smiling, laughing and generally being the star of the show! Six months old is my FAVORITE session time. Babies have developed this happy personality and yet they can't run off from me yet. They can sit which opens all kinds of posing locations as well.

Henry and his mom and dad and I started off in the park with a favorite quilt of mine, an old chair and a bed made by the talented Ladd family.

My favorite part of the session early on was how easily Henry smiles. He obviously LOVES both his mom and dad, Paige and Joey, and it was super easy for them to make him smile. My biggest joy was that every time I said, "HI!" to him, he just beamed. Henry is a "smile-to-the-core" kid. He radiates happiness when he smiles. But he also can have some reserved, serious looks as well. No matter what his look though, those baby blues are adorable!!!

My favorite part of his session was the creek. This girl LOVES a creek and water, so if I can find a way to get you in it, we are going in. I had the perfect little metal tub for Henry to sit in at the creek and he was enamored with the leaves floating around him and even like sticking his hands into the water. All babies just seem to love water. Of course, mom was standing by the entire time because baby safety is my first priority. While you can't see her in the photos because I cropped or photoshopped her out, mom was either touching him or within arms reach at all times in these photos.

Finally, we ended the session with an image that Henry's Mimi would like: the one of him with his stuffed lamb and a teaser of what's up next for Henry -- walking. Mom and dad may be helping him in this last photo, but rest assured, very soon, they will be chasing him.

Stay tuned for Henry at one -- coming sooner than anyone will expect!!


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