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I've Got a Proposal for You

About a month ago I got an email from a gentleman in Virginia looking for a photographer who would be available for a proposal a Opryland Hotel in August. After some discussion, he and I determined I was free and we could work out a deal on photos of his proposal. He went on and on about how amazing his fiancé-to-be was and I knew he was one of those special people that I was going to love.

Fast forward to August 17 at Opryland Hotel. I took my hubby and daughter along as a distraction so it wouldn't look TOO odd with me holding a bunch of camera equipment and just standing around and Kenny and Laura arrived. While we were waiting, we snapped some photos by the fountain. Ellie was super excited to be "the lookout" and she actually was the person who spotted them first. She was thrilled to be part of the excitement. And yes, there's something amazingly exciting about waiting for someone to propose!!

Pretending that I was photographing my family, Kenny walked up and asked if I would snap a photo of them with his camera. I readily agreed. I snapped on and set his camera aside waiting for the proposal to occur. THEN I noticed Laura was holding her purse on the side closest to me. And while it was a GREAT bag, I knew the photos would be all off if she didn't set it down. And then it got awkward because a STRANGER was asking her to put her purse down.... hmmmmmm???? Fortunately, she tucked it behind her and then Kenny hit his knee and the rest ... as they say ... was his story ... or their story as it were.

As you would expect, the proposal led to lots of hugs, kisses and smiles!!

This is my JAM y'all! After the proposal, we let Laura in on the surprise and she was so thrilled that her man had pulled all this off for her! We spent the next hour visiting, touring the property and grabbing more cute couple photos, including the obligatory "Gaylord Opryland" stairway photo.

We got a photo of "the rock" on a rock (clever huh??). And what a beautiful ring it is too!!

And finally a few more of these two just being as adorable as they honestly are!!

I wish these two a lifetime of happiness -- and I'll just bet it will be! Congratulations Kenny and Laura! Thanks for including me in your fun!


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