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Just add Skittles ... and watermelon

This little duo is so special to me. I was blessed to be there at each of their births and I am always welcomed with a huge hug and a smile whenever I see them. Honestly, I feel like the honorary GiGi with these two love bugs.

So when I get the opportunity to photograph their moments and their sweet little lives I get so happy. I simply find it hard to believe that I started my year out with Weston as a newborn and here we are almost to fall and he's near hitting the nine-month mark! Look at him standing like a little man!

"Maddie Mae" (my name for her) has her own little personality and I never know if she's going to be smiles and sunshine or tears and thunder. But either way, I'll take it because I come bearing Skittles, and I know those will stop almost any meltdown if delivered in the right quantity. But when the mood is right and I get her in just the right place THE most magical things happen. Because we "get" each other sometimes. And it's just so SPOT ON. Like one.

I promise you there were tears and attempts that didn't turn out right, but this one ... oh it did turn out just right. "Twirl Maddie! Wrap your cape around you and twirl!" "Mama!! She wants me to twirl!!!" And just like that, twirl, swirl, movement, hair swinging, brilliant, happy smiles ... magic.

And she is so smart too ... she ran holding out the scarf (like she watched my trusty assistant for the day, Ellie, do first), but then stopped ... and burst into tears. Ahhhh ... three. Such a fun age for moms and dads!! Sunshine and smiles and tears and thunder.

And sweet little Weston who is the world's biggest little stinker!! He did nothing but smile the thousand watt smiles at me that melted my entire core ... until he was set down. Then he WAILED as if the world had left him. It was actually KIND of funny ... in a way. And I DO love a crying baby photo when they are going full strength. Because I know in ten years we will all laugh about it. In twenty, his girlfriend will laugh about it. In thirty, his kids will laugh about it. So, I take them and snap and snap through the good and the not so good parts of the session.

But when this little guy turns on his smiles, it's SO worth the wait!!! Here are some of him with his Daddy Hester's hat -- which he loves!!

Is there anything cuter than a baby wearing a hat????

One of the best things we discovered from today's session is that Weston LOVES watermelon. Maddie, not so much -- but she does love her a good bologna sandwich -- but NOT the Oscar Meyer kind with the red rings around it. Gosh, I love how she's always got her mind made up.

One of the last set-ups we did was watermelon. There's just nothing cuter than kids eating watermelon in the summer. Weston had never had watermelon and Maddie had SAID she didn't like it. Well, turns out she did and so did Weston. In fact, Weston LOVED watermelon!

Some of the faces Weston made while eating his watermelon was HILARIOUS!!

But in the end, it was a hit all around! My sweet girl was my assistant for the day and she helped carry our littlest subject to the house to get cleaned up. She ended up wearing a little watermelon juice herself, but I could tell by the smiles she was loving getting to spend time with little Maddie and Weston!

Final shots of the day were so self-indulgent for me. I wasn't planning on doing anymore, but when mom put Weston in the sink to get cleaned up I KNEW this was my opportunity to grab a few images that I had wanted to do forever. I LOVE photos I see from other photographers with babies taking a bath in the sink. I love this even more because I know that years from now he can see this and know that he got his bath in his Nana's sink. What a great story to go along with his photo!

I am so thankful to be a tiny part of these little ones' lives. Maddie talks to me on the phone on occasion and always gives me a hug when we see each other. I can't wait for Weston to get old enough to give hugs. But I suspect he might be too busy to stand around giving hugs. I'm betting he's going to be a busy little man once he starts walking!!

All in all, this session was such a win and I'm so happy to deliver this gallery to mom, dad and all the nanas, papas, uncles, aunts and grandparents!

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