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Katie + Hunter = Love

Where do I start about this couple? Katie and Hunter.

I remember getting a phone call from her mom back in December when she told me that Hunter was going to propose to Katie and that it was her "dream" to have me as her photographer. (Y'all, let me just say, I've NEVER been someone's dream before, and I was just humbled more than you can ever imagine!!!) She said that this would be a surprise for her, not only the proposal, but to have me there to take photos.

Fast forward a few months and I got to work with Katie and Hunter "for real" (y'all proposals are so emotional all the way around no one gets to know anyone!!) and I was just blown away by how amazing this couple is -- both individually AND together!! They are kind. They are humble. They are FUN. They are down to earth. They are in LOVE -- like seriously, in love. Like, it's hard to be around them and not catch it because they are SO in love.

Their first engagement session didn't go quite as planned because it RAINED. BUT ... we did manage to capture some AMAZING images from it. I know Hunter thought I was straight up crazy with some of the things I asked him to do, but ... he TRUSTED me. And that is what an engagement session is about for me: to learn about my couples and to prove to them that I am trustworthy and that if they will do all those crazy things I ask I will give 150% to make sure they get my very best.

And those two, WOW, the did everything I asked and knocked it out of the park (literally, we were at Long Hunter State Park) at their first session. Here are some of my absolute favorites from that session.

But .... because we didn't get to finish, we decided to add another engagement session on to complete their experience. This time we headed to their wedding venue Hidden Creek Weddings to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon. And even though it was hot, it was no comparison for how hot these two were.

The folks over at Hidden Creek had installed a swing for us and I put together a little floral vine to intertwine on the ropes and added this beautiful couple and it was MAGIC!! I mean, these two look like they walked out of a fairy tale romance! My heart was so happy! I can't even begin to pick just a few to share.

Katie and Hunter also enjoyed some laughter and fun moments with the beautiful horses that live on the farm there.

One of the prettiest features of the property are their barns. The owners worked super hard making sure every detail was thought of when creating their venue and wedding spaces.

The sunsets here are amazing -- look at that beautiful light wrapping around them! Yum!

Couples laughing makes me so happy. I love as the session goes along and they become more confident with me and these little moments just happen!! I have no clue what she said to him, but I'm sure it was a sweet moment between the two of them!

At the end of the session, the owners took us down to the hidden creek. It was a long ride, so we were thankful to have had them to take us there. It was beautiful there, replete with a bamboo patch and some pretty yellow flowers. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day there!

Thank you Katie and Hunter for choosing me. You might have called me the dream, but I ASSURE you, YOU TWO are the dream. And I'm so excited to watch you two chase it and capture it and that you allowed me along for the ride!



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