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Kinsley | 6 months + family

This baby was so beautiful when I did her newborn session and she has only grown more beautiful in the last six months! Kinsley and her mom and dad, Morgan and Chris, arrived at Port Royal at one of THE hottest days of September we've experienced in a while. Imagine 90* temperatures and add humidity and you'll understand how hot we were. The amazing thing was the during the entire session, Morgan's make up NEVER glistened and sweet little Kinsley never got fussy or seemed hot.

She is THE happiest little girl. Her dad calls her Princess and she lights up like the sun!! Her mom is beside her and she leans right on in to her. You can tell she is one LOVED and ADORED little girl!!

I can't begin to choose the images to share from their session. They all look like models and are just so photogenic!

THIS smile -- y'all. Between the heat and this smile I just melted!!

I love that, even at six months, she wants to stand all the time. Watch out mom and dad, this girl will be running before you turn around!!

Mom and dad report that of her new "things" is to suck her bottom lip -- how cute is this??

This is one of my favorites from the session. I'm not sure they even knew I grabbed it. I love how happy and natural they look -- their sweet little family!!

I'm not sure which of these two are prettier but let's just say Chris is a lucky guy with these two ladies in his life!

And of course, the reverse is true because Morgan and Kinsley are lucky to have this husband and daddy who ADORE the two of them!!

One of the things Morgan wanted was some photos on the old bridge at Port Royal. It didn't disappoint! The lighting was beautiful there!!

And finally, Kinsley got all the attention for a little while -- just as she deserved. These smiles, y'all. I can't even!!

Oh those beautiful blue eyes -- you could swim in them!!

And finally, one of the most fun portions of the session was the citrus bath! This girl LOVED the water!! She tried the fruit and made some of the funniest faces. She splashed, she tasted, she smiled, she explored.

Those lips!!! swoon!!

What a perfect ending to a session! I want a citrus bath!!!

Thanks Chris and Morgan for trusting me with your sweet family and beautiful daughter's photos! It's always such an amazing time and I appreciate the trust you put in me!! ~Maria

(615) 347-7362

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