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Meet The Harveys

I spent a super hot Sunday afternoon (95* on the old thermometer in the car) with this amazing family locally in Pleasant View.  I don't always know how people connect with me, but this family was a referral from my good friend, Sharon, who works with Brittany.

Let me say this up front:  most men and most kids do not want to spend their Sunday (or Monday ... Tuesday ... etc) afternoon taking photos with me.  We all know it's for the moms.  I've found it funny, however, in the past, that when the photos come in, some of the most excited people are those same husbands and kids.  But, I digress.  I have found that just by acknowledging this fact right from the get-go, we are all just happier.  I usually start my sessions by addressing the dad with, "You don't really want to be here do you?" to which I get a sheepish smile as a rule.  I follow this with the same statement every time, "Well, do exactly what I say and I'll make it fun and fast".  And I do.  If I promise a one hour session we finish (read stop) in one hour.  Because I KNOW they are doing it for someone they love.  And I LOVE that and I RESPECT that.  And if you asked me to go to a hardware store and browse, I'd HATE it.  But if my guy asked me to and told me it was just an hour, I'd do it for him!  

SO ... all that said to say, Michael, Brandon and Kya were excited to learn it was ONLY going to be an hour AND that the shady area was at least 20* cooler than the hot pavement where we were standing.  Thanks Mother Nature for the teaser cool front followed by this end of August heat wave!

I started off with my kid "ice breaker" by getting them set up and asking "so, which one of you toots the most?"  Shock, then laughter and the much finger pointing at the other one followed by even more laughter.  Do you KNOW how much fun this is???  Man, I love getting kids laughing early on.  It makes everyone relax and we just have such a nicer session. I love how fast Kya pointed and how outraged Brandon looked!!

Imagine THEN asking which one of your parents toots the most!!  I won't tell you which parent Brandon is pointing at in this photo; but it seems Kya is in agreement!!

After the ice breaker we jumped right into some shot of the kiddos by themselves and some with mom or dad.  I LOVE photos of kids with their parents!!!  I mean you can just feel the emotion climb off the page in the one with Michael and Kya!!

Then we moved right into pix of just mom and dad.  Moms and dads just rarely get any photos after kids come along.  They are too busy and just assume that being included in the family group shot is enough.  Gosh, it's not folks.  Take the photos with your spouse.  Insist on them. Hang them in your bedroom, in your office, put them in your purse or your car.  They are important!  Look at these two looking at each other and laughing.  I ADORE these!!

We rounded out the session with some generally fun family shots of these guys just loving on one another and spending some time together.  

I would say it was an amazing win for an hour's worth of time!!

Brittany told me that they had not had family photos since Kya was a baby.  This is so typical and I so wish people were able to squeeze family photos in more often.   I work hard to make it a super fun, fast-moving, interactive process.  

As we were leaving, I made sure to tell Michael I'd see him again ... in nine years.  Guys -- don't wait.  In nine years, those babies will be either getting a job, headed off to college or getting married.  And you will be empty nesters.  Take the photos.  Have the moments.  Enjoy these next nine years.  It will go so, so fast.


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