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Play us a song, you're the piano man...

Years ago (not saying how many to save face for both of us), this young man's mom, dad and I went to school together at Pleasant View Christian School. Fast forward a few years and we all end up at church together and then a few years later, my son has this guy's dad for his teacher at Goodpasture. To say our lives have intertwined through the years would be an understatement. It's been a subtle mingling of happy lives in minute ways that have made my life and my family's lives better for it.

So when Leslie asked me to take Luke's senior photos I was honored. A few years ago I had the honor of taking his sister's high school senior photos as well. Luke attends Goodpasture Christian School.

Luke is SUCH a handsome young man, but he's also humble. He has a smile that lights up the room but can also rock a serious look without looking mad.

He's what you might call the "complete package". He plays sports; he's very musically talented and he's an amazing student. I suspect it has to do with his equally amazing parents who have this same mixture of talents as well.

We started EARLY for his session (like 7:30 am early) to beat the summer heat. Those who know me well know that I am NOT a morning person. BUT ... the cool air and good company made it not nearly as bad as I thought. AND being done by the time it got hot was a SUPER win in my book as well.

We started off at the tennis courts in Springfield and managed to get off a series before the locals started their tennis tournament. I was even able to capture a few of Luke in action as his poor mom chased all the tennis balls flying around.

Then we moved on into Springfield's "downtown" area. I love the downtown area of Springfield. No many how many times I shoot there I always find new, amazing little nooks of greatness. I'm always inspired by folks like Luke who make me want to give them something new, different and amazing!!

Luke brought along his mandolin for some shots as well. Did I mention this kids is UBER-talented???

And Luke ... Luke loves tennis shoes. So ... we featured his shoes in one! I love learning about my senior's loves and their styles. They are all so different!

On of my FAVORITE parts of Luke's session was his SUIT series. Oh. My. Goodness. Y'all!! Does he not look SO HANDSOME in his suit. He seriously could be in a magazine ad with this look. And he rocked his poses and his facial expressions. Seriously, Luke, you could do some modeling!!

Finally we moved along to the church as it started to warm up (thank you for the AC!!) and played around (literally) with the piano and different lighting styles and methods until we found the one that created these magical images below. All the while, Luke played music that resonated off the walls of our beautiful church and it was simply divine. Did I mention he taught himself and plays by EAR??? #impressed #supertalented I wish I could shoot pianists every day because the music they make is so incredible. That's one talent I never managed to pick up, despite my poor mama trotting me to lessons for years.

In the end, I think our session was amazing -- just like Luke. And I wish him all the success in the future. I don't think he's going to NEED my wishes because it's pretty clear, his path is leading him that way regardless!

I always say it; I always mean it. Thank you for choosing me. I know there are amazingly talented photographers in our area and I appreciate every individual who choses me for this important milestone in their lives!



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