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Preslie | Class of 2019 | Cheatham County High School

I could use cheesy words like "looking towards her future" to describe the image above, but what I see when I look at this image of Preslie is her strength, her determination, her resolve, her fortitude, her beauty, of course, but all those strong words that describe her past, her present and her future. Because Preslie Greco is a strong young woman.

I am always honored to get to work with these Greco girls that I call friends (and even chosen family if I could be so bold) because they are always so pleasant, so happy, so ... kind. We often talk about how the world needs more kind, but sometimes we forget to see the kind that is around us in our day-to-day world. Preslie is that type of kind we want to see more of.

We started off her session in a huge rush because, honestly, it was lightening. And I don't like lightening because with all my equipment I'm certain to be the lightening rod. Nonetheless, we captured the next series BEFORE the bottom fell out. As soon as we finished these, we RUSHED to cover under and awning and waited for Preslie's mom, Heather, and their friend, Jimmy, to come rescue us from the rain.

While it was pouring, we decided to try a new location to see if we could take some images inside the barn. I'm not a girl who ever wants anyone to have to reschedule and I always wait until there is no other option before I reschedule. Senior girls, like Preslie, have done hair and makeup and spent countless amounts of money and time to get ready for their session. I don't want to waste all that due to bad weather.

We shot a few inside the barn using some supplemental light, and even though they turned out beautifully, I knew these were not the quality I wanted to offer this wonderful girl!

We then had to have a hard conversation because it was raining SO hard you couldn't see anything outside. So we headed back to her house, and just like I knew she would, Preslie began to tear up. She commented, "I really wanted to do my pictures today." My heart actually hurt for her. We waited on her front porch to see if the rain would subside and lo! and behold! it stopped!!! We got right back to our location and went right back to work!

We then found this sweet spot -- the colors matched Preslie perfectly and it was just so unique! I love finding unique locations so that everyone I work with gets a different look!

Oh goodness -- have you all ever seen such a beautiful smile??? This girl was SO happy that she was going to get to finish her session.

After a quick outfit change, Preslie BLEW UP her session in these next images! Y'all, those SHOES!!! And her sass!!

Movement is one of my favorite things in images -- there is something so magical about movement! Preslie said to me afterwards, "Man, I was so dizzy doing these!" You couldn't even tell from the photos!

The next location was MAGICAL -- the light -- the stone -- the metal ... but oh THE GIRL!!! and her 1000 watt smile were the true magic.

I love that one location can yield so many looks. Same location, 10 feet away and a whole new, light, airy, happy vibe!

We had to climb a few fences, dodge a few piles of manure and fight off a few bugs to get to the next spot for photos, but I'll let you be the judge ... TOTALLY worth it!! I'm all in for adventure to get a location like this . The red, white and blue, barn, field and HORSES just feel so all-American! And check out that amazing red romper Preslie chose. WOW!! {We even sang a few rounds of Delta Dawn in homage to Tanya Tucker while we were there!!}

Moving on down the road, we hit up the farm of a family friend who had this amazing pier and pond. Preslie's choice of jumpsuit was the perfect one in style and color for this location.

Add a little pop of red and viola! Perfection!! Thanks to our host for carrying this chair around and providing it for us to use. It was the perfect prop!

If the location couldn't get ANY better, how about the patina on this rust colored gate???

Preslie had a request -- she wanted her photo taken with .... the cows. And so we did.

Growing up on a farm with cows myself, I wanted to make sure they got some photo loving too -- this one seemed to want her photo taken the most! Afterwards, we scared them all off, so maybe they DIDN'T love me as much as I thought.

A few more final snaps before we head back to the burros -- who weren't really excited about having us around the first time through.

Final stop -- Burrito (great name, huh?!!) the burro, who decided to cooperate this time! Always a first for everything -- first senior photos with a burro!

As we wrapped up our session I was so happy that it went so well. After the threat of rain and bad weather, we managed to pull out an amazing number of beautiful images of Preslie and had a few rounds of laughter and tears along the way. It was a beautiful experience -- for us both! Thank you Pres! Your smile has made my world a happier place! ~Maria


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